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Meet The Team

Fife Specialties is a newly founded distribution company seeking to provide high quality chemicals to the US market.  The global supply chain has proven to be inadequately resilient in recent years and our goal is to strengthen the supply chain with reliably sourced chemicals.

Our Story

Simon is a highly motivated and experienced CEO who possesses substantial international expertise in outsourcing and partnering within the CMO arena across sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Aroma, and Speciality Chemicals. He constantly seeks out new challenges and endeavors to develop new product portfolios.

He has an impressive track record, demonstrating his proficiency in global sales and business development, financial budgeting, compliance, performance review, reporting, on-time delivery, and mitigating commercial risks.

Simon's background in chemistry and technical knowledge greatly contributes to his adeptness in commercial and operational management. He has extensive experience in various aspects of project management, including technical transfer, commercial scale-up, continuous improvement, process development, waste minimization, and implementing sustainable supply chain strategies to achieve significant cost-of-goods savings.

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